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Initiatives and events

Various initiatives and events are held in 51 "Elisaveta Bagryana" secondary school, which encourage the active participation and commitment of students, parents and teachers. These initiatives are aimed at improving the learning environment, strengthening community spirit and stimulating creativity and responsibility among students.

Student of the year

"Student of the Year" is a prestigious award of 51 "Elisaveta Bagryana" SU, which is presented annually in several categories, in recognition of the outstanding achievements and efforts of our students. The categories cover various areas such as academic success, sporting achievements, arts and social activity. The award-winning students receive their statuettes at a solemn ceremony, which is the culmination of the school year and becomes an unforgettable moment for all participants. This award not only motivates and inspires our students, but also affirms the values of persistence, dedication and striving for excellence.

"Happiness Shop"

It opens its doors before Christmas so that everyone can share and receive good words, good emotions, happy moments, smiles and joy. The happiness shop opens its doors at 51 Elisaveta Bagryana Secondary School before Christmas, giving all students, teachers and parents the opportunity to share and receive good words, good emotions, happy moments, smiles and joy. This special shop is a place where everyone can exchange positive messages and gestures of kindness, creating a warm and festive atmosphere in the school. The initiative aims to promote good relations and community spirit, contributing to the joy and happiness of all participants.

kids cleanig classroom.jpg

We clean, we protect

The initiative "We clean, we protect" in 51 "Elisaveta Bagryana" secondary school encourages students to clean the classrooms at the end of the school day. This initiative aims to instill in children a sense of responsibility and care for the learning environment. Each student participates in cleaning their workplace by picking up trash, arranging study materials, and leaving the room in good shape for the next day. Thus, we all together contribute to a clean and pleasant learning environment.

Solo exhibitions "Debut"

The "Debut" solo exhibitions at 51 "Elisaveta Bagryana" SU give young talents a chance to present their work to a wider audience. These events stimulate the development of artistic skills and encourage creativity in students. The "Debut" exhibitions are an important platform for the expression of the individual achievements and unique styles of each student, inspiring both participants and visitors.

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RUS - Parent-Teacher Associations

RUS in 51 "Elisaveta Bagryana" secondary school are an important tool for cooperation between parents and teachers, improving the educational process and creating a supportive environment for students. The main objectives of RUS include:

  • Improving communication between parents and teachers.

  • Organizing events and projects to support education and social development.

  • Provision of additional resources and extracurricular programs.

  • Fostering a sense of belonging and cooperation.

  • Joint solving of educational and social problems.

By actively participating in RUS, parents and teachers contribute to a better future for children, creating a healthy and supportive school community.

Parent - teacher
for one day

Every parent is welcome to the school for one lesson to share with the students what their profession is or to enrich their knowledge on a given topic. The "Parent Teacher for a Day" initiative at 51 "Elisaveta Bagryana" Secondary School gives parents the opportunity to be actively involved in the learning process by taking on the role of teachers for a day. This involvement allows parents to gain a better understanding of the challenges and successes of the teaching profession, as well as to share their knowledge and skills with students. The initiative strengthens the bonds between parents, teachers and students, promoting cooperation and mutual respect within the school community.