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III NUK in 51.SU

On March 22 and 23, 2024, the III National School Conference "Shared Pedagogical Practices in the Teaching of Natural Sciences" was held.

The conference, which was held under the patronage of the Ministry of Education and Science (MES), aimed to demonstrate good practices in science teaching, with more than 130 participants. They presented their experiences, tools and techniques to stimulate interest and the students' creativity in front of their colleagues from all over the country. Each participant will receive a compendium with all shared pedagogical practices.

In recognition of their successful introduction, the Minister of Education and Science Prof. Galin Tsokov presented the plaque of the Ministry of Education and Culture to the director of 51 "Elisaveta Bagryana" SU Asen Alexandrov.

The event was also attended by the head of the Regional Directorate of Education (RUO) Sofia-city, Dr. Vanya Kastreva, Dr. Anelia Andreeva, Director of the National Inspectorate of Education, Prof. Nayden Shivarov, Director of the National STEM Center, and Natalia Mihalevska, head of the office of the Minister of Education and Science.

The conference began with the presentation of a project by the students of the 11th grade, profile "Graphic Design" and their teachers Antonia Kostova and Ivan Mateev.

Students from the school were involved in the organization of the event and every detail was filmed and covered by the school television.

Expect all the interviews soon on the official channels of the schools:


Highlights from III NUK 2024